CD: God's Been Good
  • CD: God's Been Good
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  1. Be Not Afraid
  2. Evergreen Shore
  3. God’s Been Good
  4. There’s Hope In The Boat
  5. Master Of The Wind
  6. When I’m Good And Gone
  7. Lord You’re Looking Out For Me
  8. There’s Never Been A Giant
  9. I’m Not Afraid To Cross That River
  10. Room With A View
  11. Through It All
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CD: Reassure Me
  • CD: Reassure Me
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  1. It’s Too Late
  2. Reassure Me
  3. He Did A Surgery In My Heart
  4. I’ve Heard of A Land
  5. I’ll Be Alright (As Soon As I Touch Calvary)
  6. He Still Looks Over Me
  7. He Took My Case
  8. Till I Get Home
  9. On Heaven’s Bright Shore
  10. The Old Story Will Never Grow Old
  11. Look For Me, I’ll Be There
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CD: On My Way
  • CD: On My Way
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  1. One Hundred Years From Now
  2. The Moment I’m Gone
  3. I’m On My Way To Heaven
  4. Someday
  5. Settle Down
  6. Welcome Home
  7. He Set Me Free
  8. Jesus Will
  9. Grandpa
  10. Repent
  11. What A Journey
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CD: He Gives Peace
  • CD: He Gives Peace
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  1. Imagine If You Will
  2. I Had A Birth I Can't Remember
  3. Peace That Covers All The Pain
  4. I'll Know If You Know The Savior
  5. Bottom of The Barrel
  6. I’ll Lay My Crown
  7. Promise Land
  8. God Can't See Through The Blood
  9. No Shortage
  10. Your Cries Have Awoken The Master
  11. What A Day
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CD: Never Alone
  • CD: Never Alone
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  1. Cast Your Net
  2. Does The World See Jesus In You
  3. Undeserved Blessings
  4. I Believe
  5. No Substitute
  6. On My Journey Home
  7. Just To Know Him
  8. More To Go To Heaven For
  9. Never Alone
  10. His Love Lights The Way
  11. Land Of Living
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CD: Let's Go Back
  • CD: Let's Go Back
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  1. He Can’t See My Sins
  2. He’s Already Given Us The Best
  3. Let’s Go Back
  4. He Promised
  5. Heaven On The Horizon
  6. I Took A Stand
  7. Just Wait And See
  8. I Love To Tell of His Love
  9. One Of The Fold
  10. I Will Leave It All Behind
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